What We Are All About

Thee Muscle Team is a group of certified personal trainers, fitness and psychology enthusiasts from different walks of life, with different training styles. We combined our ideals to create a total mind body and soul approach to fitness and diet.

We are stationed out of Sunny Southern California and do most of our in person training from Los Angeles to San Diego. Our goal is to assist people along their fitness journey; that could mean gentle assistance regaining that pre-baby body; finding a brand new physique they never imagined they could have; rehab for their bodies and minds after injury; mental block breaking; making old muscle or new muscle respond and grow.

We are all about helping clients achieve and believe in greatness. Our clothing is a reflection of those beliefs, our accompaniments are a collection of items that we know can help you along your journey. Our goal is provide clothing to you no matter what size, shape or muscle tone. Whether you train with us or not, we are here to help motivate and encourage your progress along the way. We have each been through our own journey and stumbled and failed along the way, those missteps led to even greater gains of knowledge. We share that knowledge freely through all of our social media outlets. This is who we are and what we are all about.